Rémember's music is mostly allegro or allegretto. Post-grunge-alt-punk-rock-rap-crossover-psychedelia from Wudigess (aka Budakeszi). Active years: 1995-2007. N.B. "rémember" is a Hun word for 'apparition man'


Back at the Barfly, the house is packed out for Rémember...swaggering rock laced with psychedelic interludes and impressive guitar work
(Rock Sound (UK))

The combination of radio friendly metal riffs and dark pop harmonies sounds more like the sort of band Josh Homme would invite on tour

Hard-edged, off the wall, psychedelic rock with a Hungarian twist. Influenced by Floyd/The Velvets but executed with a contemporary style that makes them very now. They look like a great band, they sound like  a great band. Remember…how could you possibly forget?
(Notion (UK))

Rémember upload a new track every week and never cease to amaze me how good each one is. This week it's Rage Against The Machine meets Chili Peppers (maybe at the BodyFarm?) Seriously killer riffs and vocals that make you sit up and take notice.
(Karmadownload.com (UK))

You know what to expect from Remember by now – amusing hair and enormously groovy funk rock….The high Don Henley-style lyrics encased in a world of reverb makes Remember stick in your brain. …The third song is a hit in the making and they should certainly pursue a career in England. 

a band looking to bring their unique blend of electro funk and punk rock style to an unsuspecting UK...As well as providing light relief from the recent swathe of clone indie bands, Rémember have an undoubted pedigree and insatiable energy
(Invincible (UK))

Their sound and the on-stage video background projection makes their music totally unique. During the psychedelic parts the guys were spiritualized and they accompanied the heavy parts with an intensive headbang.../...The frequent voice effect made the performance even more bizarre.
(Metal Hammer (H))


1995. Laudatory review in Melody Maker's infamous, normally diss-driven demo column Holly's Demo Hell, for Owlet Inside. (Rip-roaring corker...a mélange of power and melody )

1995-2003. Releasing various records and performing around Europe, at festivals and venues in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, etc. Appr. 150 international gigs played, besides all major festivals and venues in Hungary. The music video Pig In Shit from the first self-produced demo got surprise air plays on MTV Europe's Chill Out Zone. Historical digital-only (mp3, in 1997) EP release Megalomaniac was featured as demo of the month in Total Guitar magazine (UK). In 2001, great success at the Chatterbox Entertainment Showcase in Stockholm, after which EMI Sweden discusses plans with the band.

2004. During spring 2004 the music video In The Morning was played on MTV Europe's Alternative Nation and MTV:New. Come summer, and as a good start for the new album (Psychedelic G.A.S. - 10/10 review in Metal Hammer), new single Pigriff was welcome by Alternative Nation and MTV:New again, and this time MTV2 UK also played the video. Besides, it was included on MTV2's NME Chart for 6 weeks, and listed among recommended videos by Alternative Nation. Pigriff was also included in MTV:New's BEST OF 2004 selection. These were unprecedented for a band based in Eastern Europe

2005. In March 2005 the band relocated to London. At the same time MTV Europe's Alternative Nation put their third video in a row, Aliendirge, on rotation. After a series of gigs in UK clubs, the band stepped on the stage of KOKO Camden Palace in September 2005, at Club NME

2006. Supporting Babyshambles in January in London, after which bassist Matthieu moves back to Budapest. Band continues gigging as a trio. Song Reeezon is #2 on Karmadownload.com's Best Of 2005 Chart. First UK festival appearance in August at Balloon Festival and first UK TV show invitation in September 2006 for the Official Download Chart Show

2007. Band eventually petered out and got dismembered after a slow act of corporate bandicide by EMI executives Terry Foster Key (COO for Europe) and Frank Ferguson (Head of A&R UK). Last gig at the Barfly in Feb, supporting Die So Fluid

2008 (posthumous). Swansong 1: In February, single+video New Shuuz, New Life released in collaboration with UK outfit Riddler. Song A-listed by MTV Hungary, peaking at #2 on the Top 50 Chart in April. Swansong 2: In September, new single N. O. C. produced in collaboration with UK vocalist Ian George ( Katalina Kicks ). A-listed by MTV Hungary again

Members. Aron Vasalo – drums / Fibula – vox / Matthieu Fischer – bass / Geiger v M– guit

Ex members. Jero – bass, 1997-2004 / Gergo D. – bass, 1995-97

Owlet Inside (LP) – demo 1995, self-produced
Stay Tuned (LP) – demo 1996, self-produced
Megalomaniac (EP) – 1997, digital only release on Internetto / IDG
Good At Least (EP) – 1999, Private Moon Records
@-Generation (LP) – 2001, Private Moon Records / EMI Music Publishing
Seek Me In Your Head (EP) – 2001, Private Moon Records / EMI Music Publishing
My Dream Is A Mirror - Live @ Sziget (EP) – 2002, Private Moon Records / EMI Music Publishing
Ravi Shankar (EP) – 2003, Twelvetones Records
Psychedelic G. A. S. (LP) – 2004, Twelvetones Records
Half Full (LP) (previously unreleased recordings) – 2015, Mamazone Records

Going political; 2007-2008: a series of whistleblowing newspaper articles in Hungarian news outlets, highlighting discriminatory treatment of musicians signed in Eastern Europe by music publisher EMI. Some examples: newspapers Nepszabadsag, Index, HVG, Origo



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